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Microwave Repair Services In Toronto, Scarborough & Mississauga

Whether it’s enjoying a late evening snack or popcorn and a movie with your spouse, homeowners in Mississauga enjoy the convenience and benefits that their microwave ovens provide. Although most brands of microwaves are covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, this does not infer that they don’t need to be serviced on a regular basis. Fortunately, Pro Choice Appliances can customize a preventative maintenance microwave repair plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

3 Helpful Tips for Microwave Owners

  • Clean your microwave frequently (we suggest after every other use)
  • Don’t overheat the foods that you put in your microwave
  • Keep the microwave door closed whether it’s in use or not

While these are common sense tips, many of people tend to take these appliances for granted and wind up having to call Pro Choice Appliances for microwave repair service in Scarborough.

We Repair all Types of Microwave Ovens

There are 4 distinct types of microwave ovens available on the market today and our trained specialists can repair every one of them. This includes:

  • Built-in models – with its drop-down, oven-like door, this model seamlessly blends in with the kitchen cabinetry above your oven and stove.
  • Countertop models – despite their availability and widespread use (they are available in a broad range of sizes and wattages), they decrease the amount of usable counter space you have and are not equipped with any type of ventilation system.
  • Drawer style models – these models are typically installed above a wall oven or below your kitchen counter, thereby making them very convenient for each member of your family to use them.
  • Over-the-stove models – these microwaves are the ideal combination of oven and range hood and are popular due to their functional and space-saving qualities.

No matter what type of microwave oven you have in your Toronto home, Pro Choice Appliances specializes in microwave repair, regardless of brand name, make, and model.

Common Issues that We Repair

Every one of our technicians has been factory trained and certified at repairing several microwave issues including foods not heating up properly, interior sparking, touch pads that only work intermittently, and turntables that aren’t rotating. We also install a wide range of parts including:

  • capacitors
  • diodes
  • drive bushings
  • fan motors
  • fuses
  • lights
  • magnetrons
  • stirrer belts
  • switches
  • tray motors

No matter what the issue, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done right the first time. For more information regarding microwave repair services in the Ontario area, please contact Pro Choice Appliances at your earliest convenience. From pricing to the extent of the services that we offer, we’ll be glad to be of assistance and schedule an appointment, if needed. We offer free quote with no obligation to use our services, if you are looking to compare costs.

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