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Garbage Disposal Repair Services In Toronto, Scarborough & Mississauga

Without a doubt, the invention of the garbage disposal was one of the top innovations of its day in the appliance industry. With the advent of this machine, we were able to keep our trash cans from smelling. It goes without saying that this device provided a level of convenience that hadn’t been experienced before. And not to mention the way it has positively impacted kitchen cleanliness and utility.

Why are Garbage Disposals So Important?

The importance of garbage disposal repair and preventative maintenance cannot be overstated where this handy kitchen appliance is concerned. Most home kitchens in the Greater Toronto Area are equipped with this amazing appliance. That’s why it is so important to take care of them and ensure that they operate efficient throughout their lifetimes. However, there’s more to the operation of your garbage disposal than the convenience it provides.

Most importantly, disposals keep discarded foods from ending in landfills throughout the country. Here it can easily decompose and create greenhouse gases that harm our atmosphere and environment. Furthermore, the disposed food waste enters the sewer (for those homes that have access) where it travels to wastewater treatment plants and is transformed into non-chemical based garden fertilizers. Once again, our environment benefits from this outstanding yet small kitchen appliance.

Are There Different Types of Garbage Disposals?

Yes, there are. The two main types of garbage disposals that Pro Choice Appliances specialists install, maintain, and repair are:

  • Batch feed - will operate only if the disposal lid firmly in place and covering the opening to the appliance. The set-up of batch feed disposals is a bit more detailed than that of the continuous feed models (see next) but they are ideal for families who have children in the house.
  • Continuous feed - most models have an accessory or wall switch for turning on the power to the appliance. Plus, they are usually equipped with a rubber baffle of shield that enables the continuous feed disposal to operate more quietly.

Signs Indicating the Need for Repair

As part of our extensive line of appliance repair services, the Pro Choice Appliances specialists can provide garbage disposal repair services to homeowners living in the city of Mississauga and Scarborough. If you notice any of the following issues, you should consider contacting us as soon as possible:

  • The appliance is jammed
  • The disposal is making a lot of noise
  • The drain from the appliance is clogged
  • There are a number of leaks
  • There is no power getting to the disposal but the circuit breaker isn’t tripped and you have hit the reset button

For more information regarding garbage disposal repair in the Greater Toronto Area, please call Pro Choice Appliances today and speak with one of our knowledgeable company representatives. Call us today and get more information on our services, quality and prices.

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