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Founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana during the First World War, the Frigidaire Corporation was originally named the Guardian Refrigerator Company. They are historically known for developing the first fully self-contained refrigerator. However, they also made the very first 30” electric oven and range, home freezers, and room air conditioners. They also came up with the idea of coordinating your appliance colors to your home’s interior. At Pro Choice Appliance Repair, we now provide Frigidaire appliance repair services; as well as installation and preventative maintenance plans for their appliances.

Over time, the Frigidaire name has become so popular that it has oftentimes been used as an ‘all-encompassing’ term for referring to other brands of refrigerators. Today, the company is owned by GM or General Motors. However, they continue to design, develop, and manufacture high-quality freezers and refrigerators; as well as other types of appliances for the home. Regardless, the name Frigidaire is usually associated with dependability, high quality, and reliability.

With the Frigidaire appliance repair services offered by Pro Choice Appliance Repair, you can be assured of receiving prompt, professional service whenever our technicians are on the job. We have a 98%+ on-time arrival rate for all appliance repair jobs. And, we guarantee to leave your home in the same condition we found it in when we first arrived. We also offer more flexible appointment scheduling. This means that we will accommodate your schedule, no matter how hectic it is. That is because every customer is important for us.

Aside from breaking down over time or other environmental damages, our preventative appliance maintenance plan, for your Frigidaire products, will ensure greater longevity. This also means that your appliances will operate at a higher efficiency. We offer an emergency team that can leave in minutes if there is any urgency. Otherwise, we will attend to the complaint as per your scheduled appointment. Furthermore, we charge a flat-rate, rather than by the hour; and we quote the cost of repairs up front. This way, you know what you are going to pay before we start working. For more information regarding our Frigidaire appliance repair services, contact Pro Choice Appliance Repair today.

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