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Electrolux Appliance Repair In Toronto, Scarborough & Mississauga

Where appliance production is concerned, AB Electrolux is the world’s second largest company and is headquartered in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Electrolux primarily focuses on the manufacture and sale of major appliances for the consumer. However, they also manufacture appliances for business and professional use, as well. You can now find this appliance brand in many countries, while being well-recognized globally as a leader in the industry; offering competitively priced products. At Pro Choice Appliance Repair, we have added Electrolux appliance repair to our list of services.

Some of their more notable home appliances include freezers, clothes dryers, refrigerators, and washing machines. They also manufacture range hoods and vacuum cleaners. They have always maintained the same goal, and that is to make the consumer’s live more convenient and simpler. Interestingly enough, Pro Choice Appliance Repair has a similar goal when it comes to prompt, professional appliance repair. Our certified Electrolux appliance repair technicians offer a number of repair and service options, as well.

If your Electrolux appliance is still under warranty, or you have been enrolled in an extended service warranty plan, we can also assist you in those areas. If neither of these applies to your situation, we will be happy to schedule a repair appointment that accommodates your busy schedule. Simply call our toll-free number at (888)776-0026, or e-mail us at our website’s contact page. Be sure that you provide a short description of the problem, as well as a convenient time to schedule a repair appointment. We’ll work as per your convenience, and ensure that the appliance is repaired to your satisfaction. Our clients are important to us and that is why they are our #1 priority.

Our Electrolux repair team is factory trained and certified to work on these appliance products. Furthermore, they will only install Electrolux approved parts; backed by the manufacturer, and fully warrantied against defects and failure. If they fail after we have installed them, we will replace them at NO COST to you. For more information regarding our Electrolux appliance repair services, contact Pro Choice Appliance Repair at your earliest convenience.

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