Understanding Your Options For Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers are very similar to the dishwashers we know from residential homes. But higher loads, more frequent use, and more necessary cleaning power mean there are some key differences between commercial and residential dishwashers that you should try to understand before making a purchase.

Understanding Commercial Dishwasher Features

Buying a commercial dishwasher for a busy business is not at all like making an investment for your home! Dishwashers need to be safe, functional, and perfectly chosen for the space you have to work with. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Temperature: Temperature is one of the main differences between types of commercial dishwashers. High Temperature Dishwashers superheat water, and use the heat to quickly clean and sanitize dishes. These dishwashers tend to be considered more safe and sanitary, but cost a lot more to operate.

Low-temperature commercial dishwashers use chemicals and soaps to clean and sanitize dishes, rather than high-temperature water. Some businesses simply do not have the money or the space to accommodate a high-temperature dishwasher. One bonus of a low-temperature dishwasher is that it does not pose a risk of steam or contact burns, which can be a relief for your employees and your insurance company.

Positioning: Commercial dishwashers are also differentiated by where they are intended to be placed. With a variety of commercial needs, this allows buyers to really consider their layout and water connection for the best configuration. Smaller businesses have the option of buying under-counter models that are tucked away and unobtrusive. Businesses with an extremely high turnover have the option of buying large standalone units.

Specialized cleaning: Some commercial dishwashers are specialized for the type of loads they are needed for. Some units, for example, are specially designed to wash only glassware, perfect for busy bars, while others are intended to clean more durable dishware, like dinner plates.

Many busy cafeterias and large-scale restaurants can also choose a conveyor dishwasher – large units with high volume that can handle thousands of loads a day. When it comes to selecting a commercial dishwasher, you want to be sure that you take the time to understand all of the features available and how they impact use. In a very busy and stressful environment, finding a dishwasher that is reliable, fast, and unobtrusive can make the difference between a functional kitchen, and one that causes endless frustration. And if it malfunctions at any point, call in the appliance repair expert in Toronto as they understand all aspects of the process.