How Would A Troubleshooter Locate The Problem If A Dryer Stopped Drying Clothes?

Experienced troubleshooters have become familiar with a long list of questions, each of which brings any DIY expert a step closer to identifying the cause for a given problem. When resolving an issue that relates to a dryer’s failure to perform properly, a similar list of questions needs to be answered, one by one.

Is the dryer door partly open?

This question should always be asked, if a dryer refuses to start. Manufacturers design dryers in a way that keeps them from starting, if their door remains ajar. Consequently, it does not hurt to ask the same question, if the clothes drying appliance has stopped in mid-cycle.

Is a vent clogged?

A clog in a vent can keep warm air from circulating in the dryer’s drum. In the absence of that warm air, the moisture in the tossed garments and linens will not evaporate. So, each place where an obstruction should be present ought to be examined.

Take a look at the vent flap, which can be found at the exterior end of the venting tube. Does it open freely? Is there any sort of obstruction in the vent’s exterior opening?

Clean the lint screen. Use a vacuum to remove the debris in the area underneath that same screen. Be careful to avoid any action that might put a dent in the same lint-screening device. Schedule a time for an appliance repair service in Scarborough a thorough cleaning of the venting tube. Be sure that the whole length of that tube gets cleaned at least once a year.

Is there a problem with the power source?

• Is there some defect in the outlet that serves as the source of electricity?
• Has a fuse blown?
• Is there a problem with the circuit breaker?

Do the buttons depress completely?

If the answer to that question is “no,” then that issued can be addressed with relative ease. Just buy new buttons. If necessary, call a repair technician, someone that knows how to install them.

What is the condition of the metal hose behind the dryer?

Has it sustained any form of damage? Does it have any kinks in it? If necessary, arrange to have it replaced. If it remains in good condition, be sure that any build-up of debris inside of the hose has been removed. If you know where the terminal block is located, check to see if it has burned itself out. If the dryer still refuses to dry the clothes, you will need to contact a professional repair technician. Be sure to share with that same technician the all of the information that you have gathered during your troubleshooting exercise. In that way, you can limit how long it takes to fix the problem.