How To Fix The Most Common Oven Problems?

We all rely on our ovens with frequency when we’re hungry, but what to do when it suddenly fails on you? Unfortunately, most problems that may arise cannot be fixed without a professional’s help. However, it is still helpful to know a thing or two that may help you budget-plan and calm your worries.

What You Can Fix Yourself:

Fluctuating Temperature: It’s time to whip out the owner’s manual. There should be a section that explains how to adjust the temperature to 35° hotter or cooler than it currently is. You will need a thermometer for this.

Door No Longer Closes: If the problem lies with the hinge, you can simply remove the door and replace it, but if the hinge is attached to the oven’s frame, you’ll have to remove the entire side panel to do it. You might not be able to do it on your own, so call in the expert.

What You’ll Need A Professional For:

No Longer Switches On: You’ll require a voltage check, and to avoid the possibility of getting shocked, you’ll need a professional for this step. There could be multiple causes for this, including broken wiring, or a problem with a broil, bake or control element. Or in case of a gas oven, an issue with the valve or igniter. These are just some possible causes which is even more reason to call in a professional for this issue.

Broken Light: The bulb, you can change yourself, but if the problem lies somewhere else, like in a broken light switch, wire or control, you best call in a professional to help.

No Longer Self-Cleans: It could be failure of the clock, a broken wire, and problems with the lock assembly or door switch – in any case, it’s too dangerous for you to fix, so call in for a professional appliance repair expert in Mississauga.

What You’ll Need to Replace Entirely:

Falling Racks: A problem with the internal cavity is sometimes covered by warranty or maintenance agreement. However, if it’s not, you are looking at a very pricey repair, and entirely replacing the oven may be the smart way to go.

Rust Patches: Even the cleanest of ovens are susceptible to rust. The cooking fumes and moisture will eventually cause full-scale holes in the interior of your oven and getting those patched is not worth the money, so you better go looking for a new one.

A Sign of The Times: Ovens can last up to 30 years, but eventually the frequent repairs or complete lack of available repair parts will force you to invest in a newer model that can take over.