How To Carry Out A DIY Garbage Disposal Repair Job?

No one likes to deal with garbage. That is why families have welcomed introduction of an in-sink disposal unit. Its presence in a sink frees the homemaker of the need to deal with all sorts of unpleasant objects, some of which are half-eaten.Still, such units can malfunction at times. Fortunately, the needed repair job does not call for involvement with slimy and smelly objects. Here are the steps that are followed by a cautious DIY expert, when it comes time to repair a garbage disposal.

Check the power supply

• Is the unit plugged in?
• Is there a problem with the circuit breaker? Flip the appropriate switch, if some circuit breaker is not working.

Try the disposal’s reset button

All disposals have such a button. It overrides the triggering device that prevents an overload. That device will go off if the demand being placed on the in-sink unit becomes too great. Disposals have not been designed to work under such conditions.

Too much garbage can do a great deal of damage to the spinning blades. For that reason, manufacturers have designed a way to prevent introduction of such an overload. The reset button cancels-out that means for preventing an overload.

Are the disposal’s blades jammed?

Before seeking to answer this question, the person who is searching for the answer should unplug the malfunctioning unit. Then the same person needs to grab a flashlight and peer into the hopper. See if some object has gotten stuck in the blades at the hopper’s bottom.

Remove that same object using plastic or wooden tongs. Never put your hand down into the hole in that serves as the opening to the in-sink garbage-disposing unit. If removal of the visible obstruction does not fix the problem, an effort must be extended to seek evidence of a hidden object, one that has caused the jamming.

Get hold of an Allen wrench. Put it into the hole at the bottom of the disposal. Turn the same wrench back and forth until it moves freely and completes a full turn. At that point, you should take another look at the blades. See if the object that has caused the jamming can be observed, allowing for its removal with a pair of tongs.

A warning for every DIY expert

Some instructions for repairing garbage disposals suggested by the appliance repair expert in Toronto the placement of a broom handle in the opening that leads to the hopper. It pays to think twice before following such instructions. Performance of such a maneuver increases the chances that the disposal’s warranty might get voided. Manufacturers void the warranty for any appliance, if there is evidence that the user of that same appliance damaged that specific product.