Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Portable Ice Maker

A portable ice maker can serve as a useful appliance at a conventional party, on a camping trip, on a boating trip, when traveling in an RV or when enjoying a tailgating party. In other words, any time that a crowd of people will want cold drinks, or a small group will want multiple drinks, it helps to have a mobile ice-making machine. This appliance not only creates the ice cubes, it also stores them. (more…)

What To Look For When Selecting A Kitchen Range

Certain aspects of any range cannot be hidden by the cleverest marketer. In other words, you do not have to look hard, in order to find them; each of them just sort of jumps out at you. For example, the intended source of fuel for any range on the storeroom floor or for any of the ranges pictured on the Internet cannot be hidden. Consequently, the smart shopper considers the advantages associated with each fuel type. (more…)

What To Look For In An Under Counter Ice Maker

Before you read about what to look for, you ought to make note of what you need to look at. Before you do any shopping, you should measure the space where you think you want to put your under counter appliance. Do not buy a product that will not fit in the space you have available, unless you want to pay someone to enlarge or adapt the existing space. (more…)

Surefire Signs You May Need A Refrigerator Repair…Pronto!

Even though we take them for granted, few appliances are as indispensable to our busy lives as the refrigerator. And when a refrigerator malfunctions or stops working, it not only creates a lot of inconvenience but can also result in hundreds of dollars of spoiled food. Don’t take that chance. If you are dealing with symptoms of a possible refrigerator break down, call an expert Scarborough.appliance repair company. (more…)